Books: Elf Gate Series

Primarily, I’m a dark fantasy novelist. You can find out more about my Elf Gate series on the “Books” page. My books are available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords.

“The Changeling”, written and illustrated by Melody Daggerhart

Publishing Services: Book Reviews, Editing, and Illustration

I offer contract services for professional beta reading, book reviews, proofreading, editing, and illustrations.

“Sleepy Muse” by Melody Daggerhart. Digital paint, Corel.


I like to write about writing, reading, art, working at home, and many other things. I try to offer monthly reviews on books I’ve read, recent or otherwise, offter news updates on current projects, and share what I’ve learned about publishing.

“Wyrmhole” by Melody Daggerhart


Like to know more about the author, or the inspiration behind Bad Cat Ink? Here’s a hint about this little imprint’s origins.

Kittygoyle Koshka
Kittygoyle Koshka