“Bad Cat Sleepy Books” by Melody Daggerhart Medium: digital art, Corel software Hours: 7 All copyrights reserved.

Bad Cat Ink is an indie publishing imprint owned and operated by author and illustrator Melody Daggerhart.

This web site is currently under reconstruction.

Please excuse me whilst I sweep the debris under the rug between all the sawing, hammering, painting, and rearranging of the bookshelves and writerly things in my cyberspace office.

I am still working hard on the next book. I am still posting on the blog. I am still open for freelancing services.

The kittygoyle still looks for trouble when I’m on the computer, so if links aren’t working or pages keep changing, be assured I’m working on it.

Thank you for your patience. 🙂


Primarily, I’m a novelist of dark fantasy books. You can find out more about my Elf Gate series on the “Books” page. My books are available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords.


I like to write about writing, reading, art, working at home, and many other things. I try to offer monthly reviews on books I’ve read, recent or otherwise. And I share what I’ve learned while publishing.

Freelance Services

I offer freelance services for beta reading, book reviews, proofreading, editing (line or content), and illustrations.