The Bad Cats

Kathy and Koshka
Kathy and Koshka … the original bad cats.

Well, I didn’t get much accomplished on the cover art today, but I did update the “About” and “Contact” pages for this new site. I combined the information about my publishing imprint and myself on one page this time. And I transferred all of my contact information from the old site, with the exception of G+, which I will no longer be using to conduct services.

So, if you’re curious about how my business got its name, click on the “About” page for that information. Meanwhile, since the Internet clearly doesn’t have enough cat pictures … 🙂

I didn’t get around to working on any cover art today because of the time spent here still trying to find my way around the dashboard. I suppose I should break down and read the tutorials, but why kill the mystery of hunting for which buttons do what? It’s a good thing this is just a web site and not a time machine, or I’d be in deep trouble.

I did, however, get around to working on some more organization for book 5. I’m trying to collect all the data I’ve written so far about the elven histories and document the references in chronological order while creating a summary for a time line. (Clearly, I’m not juggling enough publishing tasks right now.) I realize this task would make most peoples’ eyeballs melt from sheer boredom, and it’s not a lot of fun for me, either. But this is the price I pay for writing a novel series. The information has to be accurate and consistent between each volume. This is basically what my job was when I worked with the Dragonlance books, too — collecting data and organizing it, page-by-page, for future reference, like a a wiki-encyclopedia for my own books.

But my highlight of the day was getting this review from a beta read of The Atheling.

This is by far the most incredible story I have had the pleasure of reading in some time. For me, the storytelling is the most enthralling and captivating since Inkheart; the plot is the most astoundingly complex and impressively compound since The Lord of the Rings; and the characters are so thoroughly authentic and credible as to make me forget they are fiction. Truly a work of art, a literary masterpiece. I would buy the entire series in hardcover at the blink of an eye. I already am rereading book 1 while waiting for the next chapter. Phenomenal writing.

This is what keeps me going just when I start to ask myself why I bother to keep writing. This is why. Besides the fact that I love telling stories, it makes me happy to hear that someone has enjoyed the stories I’ve been telling. It’s the readers that truly give stories life beyond the draft board.


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