Shutting Down Old Web Site

The “Links” and “My Books” pages have been added now, which means there is nothing left at the old web site anymore. If you have not already changed your bookmarks from there, please do so. I will leave that page available for six months as a notice to late-comers before deleting the website completely in October. The Bad Cat Ink G+ page has been given a forwarding message with everything else deleted. That will only be up for another week, though.

The old website had several exterior blogs attached to it. I can’t decide whether to do that again, or not. For now, I don’t have links to those blogs anymore. I have to look them over and see if their content is worth transferring, or if I should just delete their articles and let them go. The blogs were on the topics of book reviews, vampires, and Elder Scrolls games. How do these relate to my writing?

Book reviews should be rather self-explanatory; as a writer, I love to read, too. And I’m more than happy to help promote or discuss books I enjoyed. It’s very likely this blog will be resurrected in some way, even if in conjunction with this one.

Vampires and elves are characters I love reading about and probably 90% of my book collection involves them in some way. But every time I did research on vampires for my own novels, I had to wade through the mire of ridiculous, but sadly common, misconceptions about “vampire literature”. I had hoped to use my blog to shed some light on the subject. And, no, that’s not a pun. Vampires not being legitimate if they don’t burn in sunlight is one of those misconceptions. I got tired of frequently explaining that not even Dracula burned in sunlight, so I figured if I could write one article and always have it for reference, I could share that, rather than wasting time rewriting that information on multiple occasions. I might revive this blog as a separate thing because I know I’ll probably wish I had my article links ready the next time I seek out more vampire lore and face-palm over someone fussing about “real” vampires not sparkling.

And anyone who knows me knows how much I love Elder Scrolls games. This influences my writing in a big way because I often “test drive” my characters in the games to help flesh them out. Now I barely have time to play games at all — maybe on the weekends. So, I doubt I will revive this blog, but I’m sure you’ll see many future references to how I use gaming as a sort of idea generator or storyboard for my writing. I take many screenshots, and I love to share the stories behind them. In fact, I just finished successfully completing the Civil War quests with Erys in the Imperial Legion. Great exercise for getting into a military mindset for that character.

Morning Splendor
Erys surveying his kingdom … Skyrim style.

Anyway, the main site is up and ready to roll now! Everything else will be done at a slower pace, so that I can get back to focusing on The Atheling. 🙂


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