The Atheling’s Mock Cover In Progress

Ta-daaa~. ^_^ This week’s update starts with a cover reveal for The Atheling. Although, not really. 😉 It’s still a work in progress because the painting is unfinished and the place holders in the layout needing cleaning. But since I am sharing step-by-step progress on this book, here’s today’s work.

Atheling Cover WIP
Still a work in progress, but it’s coming along.

I will continue working on the airship details and adding wings, but I’m not done with anything that you see here. I work in layers, refining details as I skip around with whatever I feel like working on. So, yes, I still have a long way to go, but I love how it looks so far in the series cover format. I had to share.

In other progress, I’m up to chapter 5 for the fourth revision, which includes the feedback from my beta readers. I’m mostly correcting the typos or places that need a little work according to that feedback, but I’m seeking more ways to cut word count and mentally calculating how to make the drastic changes toward the end that will shift several chapters into the next book.

Progress on book 5 has dropped to adding notes related to changes made in The Atheling.

Anyway, keeping this update short because *GASP* my dog is napping! (Ever try to type or paint with an attention-craved whippet/rat terrier sitting smack in the middle of your lap?) One of the hazards of working at home is that people tend to think you’re not doing anything important. Since they think you’re “free”, they often interrupt or make plans in spite of the fact that you’re trying to actually work … with, you know, deadlines and objectives and all that real work-world stuff that earns paychecks. Dogs are worse at recognizing work time than people. So, instead of having to pet the dog every five minutes, I might actually be able to get some more work done this afternoon! Shhhhh …

Nicholas sleeping :)
Omg! Nicholas is sleeping! Now to see if I can accomplish anything before he wakes.



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