A New Bad Cat in the Family

Tsuki and bowl
月森・つきもり・Tsukimori, my new bitty kitty. So itty bitty he could drown in the dog’s water bowl.

So, last month I realized what a bad idea it is to go into a pet shop when you’re in a depression episode. All my life I’ve had black cats. My last one passed away in November of last year. But early in August I went to the pet store to buy timothy hay for my two guinea pigs, and a little “mew” caught my attention from the cage behind me. Had it been any other animal, or any other colour, I would have been able to resist. But this little guy was reaching for me, and how could I say no to that?

I had trouble picking out a name for him, though. I had too many that I liked! After about a month of calling him “Kitty” and “Bitty Kitty” and being embarrassed to tell the vet that I still didn’t have a name for him yet at his first follow-up exam for his shots, I finally settled on Tsukimori (or if you can read Japanese: 月森). It translates literally as “Moon Forest”. I chose it because it reminds me of the pre-dawn mornings moon-gazing while shoveling my car out of knee-deep snow, and the dark, beautiful forests of northern Tohoku where I used to live. I chose it because it reminds me of places I loved without being specific enough to make those memories sad for missing them. I chose it because it puts no expectations on him to be joyful, brave, or my friend. But I admit I also chose it because Tsukimori from the band Wyse has always been one of my favourite singers. 😉 And they had a bitty kitty in one of their music videos, too.

“Take Your Child to Work Day” … Didn’t get a lot of work done after he discovered the cursor and started chasing it over my keyboard.

So, while my publishing business is named for my previous spoiled fur-balls, and then for the first time in over 20 years I suddenly had no cats, now I have someone new to carry on the tradition. He’s already tripled his size and still growing like a weed. I will be adding his picture to the “about” page as the new mascot for this website. He’s already earned the “kitty-goyle” award for some of his stunts … like leaping onto the toilet before checking to see if the lid is down, smacking the dog’s tail and ears while he’s trying to sleep, attacking my hands while I attempt to text anyone, and losing his toy mouse not five seconds after I just found it for him … again! But he’s a sweetie when he’s not channeling his demons and getting into trouble.

Tsuki beddo
It’s not easy being this cute.

3 thoughts on “A New Bad Cat in the Family

    1. 😀 Well, maybe this will help. One of his two favourite toys is a green ribbon. He played with it the first night I brought him home, and now when he wants attention, he brings it to me, dropping it at my feet and mewing like a dog wanting someone to throw his favourite ball. A few days ago when he brought it to me, it was noticeably half its original size. I found another short strip in the bedroom. But even if I put the two strips together, they still weren’t as long as the ribbon’s original size. I wondered if he ate it, or lost it. My question was answered yesterday when he pooped green ribbon, but couldn’t “finish” the job. He was dragging his bum on my carpet whilst this green ribbon smeared in poop continued to hang from his bottom. (Meaning the poop smeared into my carpet as well.) I snatched him up, grabbed some toilet tissue and pulled the rest of it out against his wishes. He squirmed and loudly protested and looked horribly indignant afterward … but I got it. Mystery of the chewed ribbon solved. What’s left of his favourite toy isn’t quite as fluid for games of chase anymore, but he still brings it to me, drops it at my feet, and mews for attention when he wants me to play with him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to pretend it’s a noodle and eat it again.


      1. Melody…both you and your cat are hilarious! Thanks for the description. I was so amused by it that I had to read it to wifey. OK, accepted. Bad Cat! Please make a post of it – people are going to go ROFL. (Sorry, I can imagine what you went through…but it does sort of set a benchmark for other pets – doesn’t it?) You are fantastic mom to a cute bad cat 😀


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