Bad Cat Holidays

And so it begins …

I haven’t updated in a while, so I thought I’d share a scene from my “Bad Cat’s” first holiday season. Tsukimori is six months old as of yesterday, and the terrorizing of the tree has already begun. It’s probably the ugliest, but most practical, tree I ever decorated. It’s full of non-breakables only, which are mostly arranged at the top and center, so that even if he knocks it over, I can just push it back up. So far, half of the ornaments have been scattered, and the star gets knocked down on a regular basis. The lights are starting to look loopy, but he paws at them more than he tries to chew them. That’s pretty good so far, ne?

Anyways, I just finished reading “Growing Up Dead” by Greg Wilkey and will have a review on that soon. And I have been hitting a huge creative streak for book 5 in the Elf Gate series. I’m getting some of the most important “info dump” chapters sorted out, though they still need heavy polishing. I’ve found a new way of organizing my notes and writing process that makes the workflow easier. I’m getting ready to introduce Eirik to the cast of characters.  And I’m trying hard to start tying up plot threads for the series overall, though it may take one more book to do that.

So, hopefully I will have time to jingle some bells and play in the snow between all that.  🙂


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