Elf Gate Book Five Title Reveal: Dragonling

Eventually, I’m going to run out of “-ling” words for titles, right? 😉

I have just finished the third draft of book five and have decided to reveal the working title now that it’s definite. It was a toss-up between this one and the one that I’m going to use for the sixth book, but that’s another year down the road, minimum.

So, Dragonling’s third revision has taken three months to produce. That’s three months past the usual “summer” due date for publication, I am ashamed to admit. But this is by far the most difficult book in the series so far. It is the book that begins winding down the series, so I must pay close attention to plot threads started that must be woven together toward an end. I’m having to take more time to re-read the past four books to make sure my world building and plots and characters are as consistent as possible. And with a complex plot like this (one that is continued over the course of several books, rather than the series being different characters or different adventures in the same setting), that increases the challenge in terms of consistency and relevance of past events. Also, since I am basically working toward the end of the series now, I am having to plot the basics of the next book at the same time that I attempt to develop this one. It’s like writing two books at once, but being allowed to focus on only one–the one that readers are waiting on.

The manuscript currently sits at over 208k words, so of course I still have to whittle that down a lot without losing vital content. But I usually send my fourth draft out to betas. So, while I still don’t have an estimate for when the book will be finished, I am closer to that finish line today than I was yesterday.

I apologize for my absences from this blog and my other pages. I’ve been working hard, so I haven’t had much time for anything else. But this book is finally starting to shape up enough that I’m not rearranging entire plots now. It’s finally starting to take flight on its own wings, so to speak. 🙂

Image Source: Personal screenshot from Skyrim.

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