The Dragonling Cover Reveal

Dragonling cover
Cover for The Dragonling, written and illustrated by Melody Daggerhart, copyright 2016

Cover reveal time! 😀 I finished it early, so I’m sharing early. Why not.

I came down with bronchitis, been about two weeks now, but I’ve still been pushing myself to finish the 4th draft and started the cover art concepts. I finally took a “sick” day off from editing last week, but spent the whole day painting and further developing the cover, instead. So, I still worked some long hours, but it felt fresher because normally I only get an hour of art time in per day, if that much. Most of my days are spent editing. So, this felt like a sick day, even if it wasn’t. As a result, I finished much sooner than I thought I would.

Now I’m working on finishing up that 4th revision’s final touches. That means making sure the chapters are evenly distributed and formatted so that when they are compiled into one script, they are spaced properly. That also means looking over those last minute notes to double check things like spellings, names, duplicate mentions, and other such annoyances.

This book is going to be the biggest yet. I cannot stress enough this is the “epic” in epic fiction. But I will trim as much as possible in the final edit after I hear back from my beta readers.

Now to catch up on my final reading of the year!



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