“Kittygoyle” by Melody Daggerhart

Social Networking

Melody Daggerhart on Facebook is now serving as my main social networking site.


The Scriptors is a really cool group of indie writers that I was part of not too long ago. I had to take a hiatus from contributing (for personal reasons), but maybe some day I will be in a position where I can rejoin. Meanwhile, check out their books and blog.

Hedgie Press is home to another couple of writerly friends whose books you should check out. Jimmy and Andrea Brokaw publish fun slice-of-life and YA literature.

Lisa Mayfield is the friend, creative mind, and author behind Wandering Bard Press. Her business publishes both fiction and non-fiction books.

I use The Online Etymology Dictionary quite a bit in creating my Elvish languages.


I have a Deviant Art account for when I need an art fix. I don’t update it as much as I should, but I hope to update my illustrations portfolio there when I’m done with design here.

My friend and very talented fantasy artist and comics author Alice Picard has a Deviant Art page, a Facebook page, and a Tumbler page. She painted a wonderful watercolour commission for me that graces the wall in my writing room. I’m positive that if you love fantasy art, you’ll like what you see on her pages. 🙂

The very first cover illustration for The Changeling was done by artist Rich Falla. You can find his other amazing art on his Deviant Art page, as well.

Some of my cover art designs include digital paintbrushes designed by Obsidian Dawn. You can download their paintbrushes for yourself directly from their site, along with brief tutorials on how they might be used. All they ask in return for commercial use is credits.


I used to run blogs on vampires and book reviews. I will be tearing those blogs down, but my reviews can be found either on Amazon, or on Goodreads. I’m undecided whether to continue running those blogs separately, or just run everything through here. If I add them back as separate things, I will be sure to add their links here.