The Elf Gate series is a portal tale that stretches across several volumes like a story arc. Aija is mistakenly abducted into the land of the fae, where humans are outlawed and to be executed on sight. But she can’t find her way home because the gate she came through collapsed. With the help of Trizryn, the enigmatic elf who mistook her, Aija discovers fae have modernized like humans, only differently; that they are on the brink of civil war; and that she must learn to defend herself in a world full of magic she doesn’t understand. In trying to find a gate home before dragons destroy them all, they must unravel secrets not even Trizryn is aware of about himself and the fae court. This dark fantasy series combines elements of horror, comedy, romance, and adventure, in a modified steampunk setting. Teen rated for language and violence.

The Changeling

Elf Gate: Book 1

When Aija tries to help an injured elf in the woods near her home, she finds herself suddenly, and mistakenly, abducted into the realms of the fae. But the gate between their worlds has been destroyed by a dragon, and humans are executed on sight in this kingdom.

Trapped in the middle of a dissident uprising and catastrophic conspiracy, Aija must hide among elves until Trizryn, her abductor-turned-protector, can find another gate to return her to her own world. Could reviving an ancient blood-magic alliance help both of them survive this?

This dark fantasy tale with elements of steampunk, adventure, comedy, and romance is full of swords, sorcery, and secrets. And the secrets are only just beginning!

The Fledgling

Elf Gate: Book 2

Trapped in the land of the fae, Aija and her dark elf ally, Trizryn, are hunted by his Derra Eirlyn summoner, Kassí. Aija needs an elf gate to go home, and Trizryn needs to steal his summoning scroll to avoid being tracked. But when Kassí does her own investigation on the crumbling gates, they all soon discover a more immediate and deadly threat in their midst. In addition to this, unknown to her, Aija has been tainted with Trizryn’s blood — the blood of a fledgling vampire.

Now they must trust the summoner to betray her vows and deliver the scroll before tragedy strikes. But can they even still trust each other?

The adventure continues in an unpredictable turn of events as Aija journeys through this magical, surprising, and sometimes frightening dark-fantasy realm.

The Darkling

Elf Gate: Book 3

Hoping for answers on how to fix the ancient elf gates, Aija and her dark elf ally, Trizryn, must deliver stolen Derra Eirlyn documents to the Deep Warrens for translation. But when their investigation on the mysterious necromancer who took control of Absin’navad leads them to a gruesome discovery, they confirm Aija’s suspicions that she is not the only human in the fae realm and encounter a legendary monster with a shocking truth about Trizryn’s heritage.

Now Ilisram wants to negotiate for the surrender of the gate documents … and Trizryn. The table turns as Aija becomes the vampire’s protector, but when his final secret is revealed, nothing can prepare them for who he really is.

The adventure darkens; the romance heightens. The comedy in camaraderie continues in the beautiful, yet cruel, land of the fae.

The Atheling cover

The Atheling

Elf Gate: Book 4

A crashed airship could be the key to rescuing the fae refugees trapped in the ruins of Absin’navad. But Trizryn inherited his mother’s war against his step-father, and time is running out to warn the kingdom about the impending dragon invasions.

In learning how to use the gate maps, Aija realizes the only way she can truly control a gate on her own is through magic. But how does a human learn fae magic?

Could chasing ghosts from the past help them find solutions, or would that tempt a dangerous history to repeat itself?

The chaos comes to a head as the adventure, intrigue, comedy, and romance in this dark fantasy series continues.

The Dragonling

Elf Gate: Book 5

Brinnan is besieged. The light elf king has disappeared. The Shadow Elf Conspiracy has declared war using gate dragons to burn the elven capital to the ground. And the only draconian ally of the fae rebels is in danger.

Trizryn and Aija have one lead left in their search for a promising connection back to the human world, but their attempt to shelter Frostfang and her egg goes horribly awry after the Atheling journals reveal the darkest threats behind the siege.

They must save the hunted wyvern and her only surviving child before warring dragon factions and the savage revenge of the Blood Reign elders destroy the elven kingdom … and before the Mists of the Veil consume all of the realms converging in the abyss of the fallen elf gates.

Fortunately, a daring rescue mission leads the fae rebels to discover another draconian ally they never knew they had.

The Teufling

Elf Gate: Book 6

Aija has returned to her own world. But she wasn’t counting on landing in Roman-occupied Britain! Now she, Trizryn, and their friends must travel through time to find the missing panels of an artifact foretold to disrupt the war between two dragon factions in the fae kingdom. But their quest becomes a race against time to find the pieces before Ilisram does.

Because the necromancer seeks not only the artifact that Kethrei stole but also the bones of the dracolich he killed, Trizryn must confront his inner demon and his past. Aija must reestablish an ancient alliance to aid the fae rebels in the war. But both of them must protect the gate from its previous fate to return to the fae realms with the artifact pieces.

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