“Sleepy Muse” by Melody Daggerhart. Digital paint, Corel.


Contact me at if you would like to hire me for any of the services below.

Book Reviews:

Most of my reviews are done with books I read for my own enjoyment in my free time. They are not solicited endorsements. Unless otherwise stated, assume this is the case.

Solicited endorsements are a form of marketing, so I don’t do them for free. I know this isn’t a popular stance, but time is money for writers and artists. If I’m going to spend 10 or more hours reading, and another 2-4 hours writing up a review to help someone market their book, my time deserves to be compensated, just like other professions.

Having said that, if you would like me to write a review to help market your book, I accept non-fiction and fiction.

For non-fiction, I prefer it to be related to the craft or business of writing, since that is the nature of this blog, but I might agree to other topics, depending on subject matter.

For fiction, I will accept fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, speculative, historical, horror, literary, steampunk, adventure, YA, and some romance fiction genres.

No erotica, religious, or hate literature accepted. If I don’t like the genre, I won’t like the book. If you’re not sure whether your book fits my niche, contact me, and let’s talk!


I offer professional beta reading, copy editing, and content editing services. Pricing varies depending on the length of the project. When contacting me for an editing contract, please offer a short summary of your work, discuss how you’d like me to help, know your word count, and have a tentative deadline in mind. We can discuss further details via email.


Illustration and design services are priced according to the size of the work, and whether the work is color or black and white. Most projects can be negotiated for a flat fee. I will be posting a portfolio as soon as I can arrange it. Meanwhile, you can check out my “Books” page for a sampling of my cover art designs.